Who is Innomate ?

Supporting and improving the lives of individuals and communities through integration, education and training.

Innomate promotes Global Learning: an approach to education that increases understanding of complex global issues, such as inequality, conflict, climate change, migration and entrepreneurship.

Innomate promotes ICT Transformation: an approach that enables the development of digital skills of individuals by developing innovative, labor market compatible and hands on training materials.


What We Do


Sustainable Development Goals

Social Inclusion & Migration


IoT & Cloud Tech

AI Learning Tools

VR & Simulation

Cyber Security

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IoT & Cloud Technologies

IoT & Cloud Technologies

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Why is Cyber ​​Security Training Necessary?

Why is Cyber ​​Security Training Necessary?

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Benefits of VR & Simulation

Benefits of VR & Simulation

The simulations help him complete the given tasks safely and accurately. At the same…

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