Coordinator: Nefinia (Netherlands)


  • Innomate Ldt (Turkiye)
  • Exeo Lab Srl (Italy)
  • Inercia Digital Sl (Spain)
  • Innovation Hive (Greece)
  • Uninettuno (Italy)
  • Epralima (Portugal)

Start Date: 01.11.2022

End Date: 30.10.2024

Our project will bring innovation by combining the gamification method, which is an innovative learning technique in VET education, with Blockchain education. The digital skills of teachers and students will be developed by developing innovative course contents and course tools supported by real-world applications for the labor market. It supports innovation in VET through the development of innovative teaching techniques and course content in VET. Innovative teaching materials will be developed in the field of Blockchain, in order to contribute to the problem of incompatibility with the workforce, which is one of the biggest problems of VET. The content of the training material will be developed in the concept of climate change, carbon footprint, green EU and ICT gender equality. With our project, it is expected that qualified students will be trained in the Blockchain, and a positive contribution to the workforce with the certificates.

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