Digital Content Development for Integrating Cloud Technologies into Formal and Distance Vocational Education

Digital Content Development for Integrating Cloud Technologies into Formal and Distance Vocational Education


Start Date: 01.11.2021
End Date: 31.10.2023

Coordinator: Faculty of Organizational Studies in Novo mesto
Colegiul Tehnic de Transporturi “Transilvania” Cluj-Napoca
Prios Kompetanse AS

Summary of the Project:
One of the biggest challenges faced in the education system is that people learn in different ways and at different rates. Although each of the students has different levels of learning abilities and different interests, a uniform education is tried to be implemented in schools. However, it can be said that some students ‘analytical thinking skills are more dominant, while others’ creativity or communicative skills are more dominant. The evaluation process in open and distance education, in which learning / teaching activities are carried out between teachers and students physically in different places and using various communication technologies, has various limitations compared to traditional educational environments due to the existence of different types of interaction between teachers and students. As in the face-to-face learning environment, the teacher does not have the opportunity to evaluate the students according to their participation in the class and the quality of the questions they ask, as well as their written work. It is possible for the grades given to students especially for distance education to be fair, correct and honest only with measurement and evaluation systems that will be developed with respect to professional ethics.
To achieve this 6 partners will work for 24 months to enhance cloud education competencies of teachers and students :

  • To provide teachers and students with a conceptual understanding of Cloud Computing education.
  • Searching and determining the best paths in IT-based training.
  • To increase students’ interest and motivation and decrease school dropout accordingly
  • To develop students’ creativity and problem solving skills by supporting group and team work.
  • To train qualified individuals in the cloud field
  • To use artificial intelligence technologies in education

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