E-Skills For E-Citizens: Effective Access to e-Services

E-Skills For E-Citizens: Effective Access to e-Services


Start Date: 01/11/2021
End Date: 01/11/2023

Applicant : UC LIMBURG ( Belgium)
bit Schulungscenter GmbH (Austria)
Zavod Boter (Slovenia)

Summary of the project:
The project aims to develop an innovative multilingual Digital Competences Development System fully compatible with the European framework DigComp 2.0 for adult educators by providing them:
O1:Self-assessment and recommendation tool for e-skills (SERT)
O2:An open online course (OOC) about teaching e-skills
In 24 months, in a collaborative and cross-sectoral way, the partners from Belgium,Turkey,Austria and Slovenia will pave the way for more tailored solutions for overcoming the barriers to:
• Provide guidance and resources for adult educators across Europe on training low skilled adults on how to use ICT tools and digital methods to better deliver e government services
• Provide skills to access public services online, which for elders means to keep up-to-date personal competences and transversal skills, leading to a significant step towards active ageing.
• Define/develop a self-assessment tool for digitisation of low skilled adults in order to effectively use e government services
• To train low-skilled adults and develop their competences in digital skills through a gamified web-platform hosting and an interactive online step-by-step web tool to guide them in learning digital skills connected to Open Badges System (OBS) to be tested/complete through two specific training sessions during the project life time.

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