GATE: On the Way to Gamify Your Teaching

GATE: On the Way to Gamify Your Teaching


Project Start Date: 2020-09-01

Project End Date: 2023-08-31





Hacettepe University,Turkey

Valencia International University,Spain

The knowledge, skills and attitudes of European teachers are of great importance. Within

In today’s digital generation, gamification has become a popular tactic to encourage specific behaviours, and to increase students’ motivation and engagement to get the knowledge and skills. Though commonly found in marketing strategies in business among companies, it is now being implemented in many educational programs as well, helping educators to find the balance between achieving their objectives and students’ educational needs.

According to Kapp gamification is “using game-based mechanics, aesthetics and game thinking to engage people, motivate action, promote learning, and solve problems.” (Kapp, 2012).Badges, leaderboards, progress graphs, points are some examples of these game elements.It has been proven by the research that gamification has increased enjoyment, engagement, motivation, participation and learning.(Cheong, Cheong, & Flippou, 2013; Su & Cheng, 2015; Tsay, Luo, 2018; Subhash & Cudney, 2018). At the same time gamification is an international tool which can be used in different educational systems, adapted according to the teachers’ individual needs and widely spread to the teachers’ practice. There are different ways of teaching and different ways of using gamification in every country, so that is why it is very useful to create a partnership on an international level and to share the best practice and ideas connected with implementation of gamification in the learning environment.

GATE aims to support   teachers in all subjects (from elementary to higher education) with a set of innovative gamification  tools and practices to improve the effectiveness of their teaching by increasing  the motivation of students to learn and to develop their  attitudes towards the learning process by providing them:

1)A web based  Gamification ToolKit (GTK)

2)An Open Online Course On Gamification(OOC)

4 partners  from Belgium,Turkey and Spain in a cross sectoral way  aim to :

-Increase the capacity of teachers on the educational use of gamification

-Improve the supply of high quality learning opportunities in gamification tailored to the needs of  teachers

-Raise motivation and engagement of students in the learning process

GATE: On the Way to Gamify Your Teaching

GATE: On the Way to Gamify Your Teaching

GATE: On the Way to Gamify Your Teaching GATE: On the Way to Gamify Your Teaching GATE: On the Way to Gamify Your Teaching

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