IoT@VET: Gamification-Based Teaching Materials for IoT Education in VET Schools

IoT@VET: Gamification-Based Teaching Materials for IoT Education in VET Schools

Start Date: 01.01.2021
End Date: 31.12.2023


Vocational education is one of the most important pillars of education and training in the world. Unfortunately, like all other education forms and programs, vocational education continues to be provided as distance education for most of the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to UNESCO data, 144 countries have suspended their education or turned to distance education, affecting over 1.3 billion students. Countries have attached special importance to distance education, as it reduces the risk of virus transmission and does not require physical space. However, the lack of digital content in vocational education and the difficulties faced by teachers in performing their professional practices emerged as important problems in conducting distance education. In addition, it is stated in the reports announced by the EU and UNESCO that it is difficult to measure and evaluate students in distance education. For this, innovative measurement and evaluation systems that can be used in both distance and education should be developed. In line with the researches and predictions, it cannot be denied that IoT technologies will reach an even more important usage dimension in the future compared to today and the IoT market will grow significantly in this direction. For this reason, qualified employees will beneeded in the field of IoT. However, it is necessary to develop innovative IoT course materials in order to train students with high quality and the characteristics required by the labor market. The researches and needs analysis results Show that there is a great deficiency in this regard. In our project, teacher and student-centered intellectual outputs will be developed in order to train students who will be needed in the field of IoT. The qualifications of teachers and students will increase with the developed intellectual outputs.

Applicant: European Training Center Copenhagen
Centro San Viator

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